motorcycle riding

The SoCal Method: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem (BC to Baja 9)

Waking up in the hotel room, my body was achy, we haven’t exercised in weeks. Sitting on a motorcycle all day, eating and drinking afterwards were not easy on our bodies. We slowly got out of bed and opened up … Read More

Orange tile roofs and white stucco are signs of Santa Barbara's Spanish heritage which compliment the colours of my KTM 1090 Adventure R

Lane-splitting through twilight city streets during our ride to Los Angeles (BC to Baja 8)

I shouldn’t be too picky when it comes to a camping breakfast, but finishing off the previous night’s bottle of ‘white’ isn’t a suitable substitute for oats, bacon, or hash browns. We can’t take it with us on our ride … Read More

The sun setting behind us as we ride to San Simeon, on our motorcycle adventure from BC to Baja.

We stitched together a motorcycle route in the dark (BC to Baja 7)

We woke in the most comfortable bed we’ve slept in since this motorcycle adventure started. After days of sleeping on the dirt, imagine the joy of laying in a warm, dry, fluffy cloud, surrounded by squishy pillows and a ‘cool … Read More

The highs and lows of riding the hills north of San Francisco (BC to Baja 6)

It was a beautiful, crisp, extremely cold morning as we left Fort Bragg. We left early, hoping to get a head start on the ride to San Francisco and arrive in time to meet up with friends for dinner. As … Read More

101 Twists to Bragg about (BC to Baja 5)

It was 3:30 am in Eureka and I was awake! Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well. All night I’d heard noises outside the door; rattling, shouting, grunting, and banging, Eureka zombies doing who knows what? I didn’t feel comfortable … Read More

Keeping the motorcycles safe with cable locks

Beautiful, Terrible Eureka! (BC to Baja 4)

We awoke to the numbing chill, once again. Mornings have been unpleasant in our tent these past few days. The combination of sleeping on the ground, cold temperatures and legs stuck in the same position for hours on end while … Read More

Seas the Day (BC to Baja 3)

We woke up in our room early, it was cold outside, but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We showered, packed up and left around 9:00 am on our hunt for breakfast. South Bend, it seems, is … Read More

Cold and damp as a Westcoast Clam (BC to Baja 2)

We woke before sunrise from our chilly slumber, a toe and finger-numbing 2 degrees. Much too cold to be sleeping in a tent. There we were, bundled up like little babies in a sleep sack, carrying that afflictive thought that … Read More

Riding from BC to Baja starts with a ferry ride from Victoria to Port Angeles

We’re riding the wrong bike! (BC to Baja 1)

We rushed around packing up the last little bits this morning, fed the kids, dropped them off, then hopped on our bikes to head to downtown Victoria. We arrived at the ferry early since our ferry to Port Angeles was … Read More

The Day Before

We’ve packed our bags and put our bikes out in the driveway to get prepared for tomorrows venture. Minutes later I’m standing in the kitchen staring outside at the bikes all while they’re being thrashed from the unexpected shitty weather. … Read More