Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, a CAD$600 booking deposit is required to hold your adventure dates.  All major credit cards are accepted and processed via Square, a US payment gateway utilizing industry-leading security protocols.

Cancellations with more than 60 days notice are entitled to a 100% refund. Cancellations between 30 days and 60 days notice are entitled to a 50% refund.

However, since cancellations with less than 30 days notice are difficult for us to refill, your entire deposit will be forfeit.

Most rental companies strictly prohibit the use of their motorcycles off-road, not us. It is perfectly fine to take one of our adventure motorcycle rentals off-road.

Minor dents, scratches, and scrapes are going to happen. If you’re afraid to drop your motorcycle you’re more likely to cause an injury than avoid one.

If you have a low-speed moment, just let the bike fall, safe in the knowledge that all we need from you is a good story. Our bikes come equipped with hand guards, bash plates and engine guards to prevent major damage from minor spills. (see below: Do you hold a damage deposit?)

It is never used for reasonable minor damage, but a CAD$2,500 major damage deposit will be authorized on a credit card for severe off-road damage that prevents the legal or safe operation of the motorcycle, examples include, but are not limited to; wheel rims bent beyond repair; twisted forks, cracked casings, missing or severely damaged body panels, smashed or non functioning headlights or tail lights. These are safety concerns and the result of higher speed off-road crashes which are always avoidable. Damage deposit will be authorized on a credit card prior to your tour departure.

On-highway damage is covered by our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, in which case only the deductible amount will be charged to you.

We take your privacy and security seriously. We’ll never hold your physical credit card details, and all online payment transactions are encrypted and secured using industry-leading security protocols and technology provided by Square

Yes, you can travel freely between the US and Canada, providing you are carrying the vehicle registration, insurance documentation, and have travel and health insurance for both countries.

It entirely depends on the time of year, tour schedules, and size of the group. Please contact us to inquire about group discounts.

Yes. Soft luggage is always the right choice when taking an adventure motorcycle off-road, so we exclusively use premium soft luggage, which is available to hire for an additional fee.

We do have a limited supply of mid-range ADV helmets and gloves, but do not stock other motorcycle PPE (personal protective equipment), such as; jackets, trousers, or boots. However, we do get great discounts at our local motorcycle apparel store, and are more than happy to accept deliveries if you want to mail helmets and other PPE ahead of your trip.

  • DOT or SNELL rated full face helmet, no more than 5 years old.
  • Eye protection, either goggles, or visor.
  • Protective riding trousers with either integrated, or separate armor.
  • Protective riding jacket with either integrated, or separate armor.
  • Armored riding boots, ideally MX style.
  • Two pairs of riding gloves. 

We will always tailor the ride to our rider’s abilities. However, you WILL need to have some off-road riding experience, at the minimum be comfortable on wide gravel forest service roads at speeds of around 40 mph/ 60 kph.

We may suggest different dates to try to keep groups of similar abilities together.

For those of you that have ridden in the past but would like some training to brush up your skills or confidence, we can offer a half day off-road riding clinic prior to our trips, instructed by a three-times Dakar competitor and BMW certified instructor.

For those of you who want a more of a challenge, we can easily add technical loops into the routes which include single track, water crossings, boulder fields and the like. Just let us know at the time of booking.

Prices do not include gas/petrol since this varies based on the time of year, and riding style, but shouldn’t be more than a tank of gas per day.

Flights and travel to Victoria, BC are also not included.

Medical and travel insurance suitable for North America is your responsibility.

Absolutely, 100% yes. No exceptions.

All of our motorcycles are new model KTMs and are meticulously maintained before and after each ride, in addition to scheduled KTM dealer maintenance. We keep detailed logs and you’re welcome to view the maintenance log for your motorcycle if you want.

This is mandatory. No waiver, no ride, it’s a requirement of our insurance.