We’re riding the wrong bike! (BC to Baja 1)

Riding from BC to Baja starts with a ferry ride from Victoria to Port Angeles

We rushed around packing up the last little bits this morning, fed the kids, dropped them off, then hopped on our bikes to head to downtown Victoria. We arrived at the ferry early since our ferry to Port Angeles was leaving at 12:45, or so I thought. However, when we arrived at the terminal we learned the ferry doesn’t leave until 3:00 pm. When I planned out our ferry times, I accidentally clicked ‘leaving from Port Angeles’, and not Victoria, oops. We ended up having a very long brunch of Eggs Benedict and loads of coffee. 


We strolled back to the ferry to get checked in with customs when a man came up and asked me if we had the bikes parked down below on the ferry dock, it turned out one of them had expired plates. Neil had brought the wrong bike! After a 10-second freakout and a minute of quick problem solving we hailed a cab outside, googled the closest insurance broker and raced off through downtown Victoria. Total time to solve the problem of ‘no bike insurance’ took 15 minutes start-to-finish. Our customary customs interrogation went smoothly and we rode into the ferry bound for Washington and Port Angeles.

We sailed into Port Angeles at about 5:00 pm, grabbed some gas and supplies before we headed to a campsite just outside of Forks, WA. We figured hot chicken wings and a warm sandwich would be a good idea to bring with us before riding the 1.5 hours to Forks in 7-degree weather. We did buy some potato chips, wine, and a couple of beers as well.

As we were off to the campsite, we ran into a couple of very boisterous riders from Washington who were overly excited by our BC plates. We leap-frogged those guys a few times while we rode down the highway and each time we got next to them they would throw their hands up in the air and yell “Canada, Fuck yeah!” 

Port Angeles was the first stop on our motorcycle adventure from Canada to Mexico


Port Angeles is a quaint little place that showcases its proud nautical origin with building-sized murals painted all over town.

Arriving at a campsite in the dark is never fun, we couldn’t find the host, and for that, no firewood. We had no choice but to cold camp with iPhone lights strapped to the inside of the roof of our tent. We got layered up in warm clothing and ended the night drinking wine in disposable coffee cups, a beer, potato chips, and cold chicken wings. A perfect evening.


Stage 1. Victoria, British Columbia (BC) to Forks, Washington (WA). Day total: 57 miles, Ride total: 57 miles (plus ferry from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles, WA)



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  1. Dee

    Amazing! just found you guys (will need to book a tour before the season is over) and it turns out we may be in Baja at the same time! headed there on Monday, maybe we’ll cross paths!

    • Karen Willis

      We are there now! Although we’re heading back to the US today! Did you ride to the Baja? Where in Baja did you go?

  2. Marc

    I have done the trip a bunch of times, (always trucking the bikes to SAN Diego on the 5 though). I recommend going east from SAN Diego to Tecate to cross border, nice road.

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