The Day Before

We’ve packed our bags and put our bikes out in the driveway to get prepared for tomorrows venture. Minutes later I’m standing in the kitchen staring outside at the bikes all while they’re being thrashed from the unexpected shitty weather. We’re having torrential downpour, hail, wind, all of it! I had this feeling of discomfort come over me. I don’t like the cold and I don’t like the rain. I certainly don’t like seeing my new shiny saddlebags getting beat up by all this water.

This trip is going to push me slightly over my comfort limit. There will be moments we will not have a choice but to brave it and keep going until we get somewhere where we can stop. 

The thoughts I got from Neil was “you can find shelter in Oregon while I head to Mexico in the rain” Well, I guess I’ll stop being such a pussy then. On a happy note, our things are still dry in the saddlebags during this mini storm we’re having. Let’s hope it lasts all night and the next 3 weeks.


Are we going to regret drinking two bottles of wine the night before we head off on our adventure motorcycle trip to the Baja?
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