We’re Riding from BC to Baja, and Back

Motorcycle adventure from BC, Canada to Baja, Mexico

It’s the end of our adventure riding season up here in Canada, and to celebrate a successful 2019 we’re going to ride away from the impending rain and cooler weather and chase the warmth down south.

We’ll get where we get when we get there

We spend so much effort planning our off-road adventure tours down to the last detail that planning is the last thing we want to do here. This ride is the polar opposite, no plan is the plan.

We’ll be keeping the sunrise on our left as we head south for 21 days, we’ll go where we go, get where we get, then we’ll turn around and head north, back home to Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada

Who are we?

Neil Edwards and Karen Willis, we are the founders of Dirt and Gravel.

Neil has been riding for more than 20 years, has owned dozens of motorcycle and is currently riding a 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure R. Originally from the UK, he moved to British Columbia about 10 years ago and now calls Vancouver Island his home. He’s a down to earth, practical guy with a calm demeanor. He has a love for learning and he enjoys a good challenge.

I, (Karen) am from Vancouver and was able to call beautiful Vancouver Island my home in 2018. The first time I ever sat on the driver seat of a motorcycle was earlier this year and have been glued to the seat since. I’m currently riding a 2018 Honda Rebel 500. This new love of mine will stick with me to the end, I’m sure. I have a love for spontaneity and adventure and I adapt well to change. I’m also a level headed, playful, quirky girl who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Neil and I have been inseparable since 2017 and during this time we’ve become best friends, business partners, and wicked travel buddies.

Why ride down south?

The thought of this trip started when we were discussing what we wanted to do for our travels this year. There were discussions about heading to the Costa Rica Rainforests or sipping Malbec in Argentina. Although both these destinations sound incredible, and we will do them, we opted out this time because I had recently got my full motorcycle license and thought, ‘what better way to celebrate than go take a trip down to Mexico!?’ Many onlookers spoke up “a big trip so soon for such a new rider?” which I replied “oh yeah!”

We are going to have many ups and many downs. There will be days we are going to want to stop but can’t due to circumstances such as weather or location, especially since there is no itinerary. But, life is full of unexpected events and that’s one of the biggest reasons why we are so intrigued by our upcoming trip. We are happy that we can share our adventure with you all and we will do our very best to share as often as we can.

When do we leave?

We will be leaving on Sept 28th on a ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles, and then we’ll go from there.

BC to Baja Motorcycle Trip

We’ve packed our bags and put our bikes out in the driveway to get prepared for tomorrows venture. Minutes later I’m standing in the kitchen staring outside at the bikes

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Riding from BC to Baja starts with a ferry ride from Victoria to Port Angeles
BC to Baja Motorcycle Trip

We rushed around packing up the last little bits this morning, fed the kids, dropped them off, then hopped on our bikes to head to downtown Victoria. We arrived at

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BC to Baja Motorcycle Trip

We woke before sunrise from our chilly slumber, a toe and finger-numbing 2 degrees. Much too cold to be sleeping in a tent. There we were, bundled up like little

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  1. Lisa Carrara

    Wishing you the best, fulfilled, life changing journey!! Love love love!!!! Safe travels my friend!!! See you in San Francisco!!!!!

    • Karen Willis

      Thank you my friend. You are my big bowl of sunshine, love love love xx

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